Our Story


Hey, I’m Megan. Mum to a beautiful 3 year old little boy, from QLD Australia. 

Summer Reign The Label was created after a deep desire to find stylish, comfortable and flattering breastfeeding friendly clothing that was suitable for all shapes and sizes, including those with bigger busts. 

After my son was born, I struggled to find anything appropriate to breast feed in that made me feel comfortable and confident.  After my constant frustrations in not managing to find anything to wear, one sleepless night I had a crazy idea to create something myself. With what started off as an idea to maybe get some custom-made dresses made for myself turned into a full blown business plan. 

I have always wanted to own my own business, but I just never saw it possible until that night in February 2021. Skip to March 2022 and after a full year in the making we finally launched Summer Reign. 

I wanted to create not just a brand but a community. A community of Mother’s who felt empowered and confident to feed their babies wherever they needed.  I didn’t want another mother to have to struggle like I did to simply just find something appropriate to wear while nourishing their babies. 

Thank you for supporting Summer Reign so I can follow my dreams.

It means more to me than you will ever know.