The Why Behind Our Fabric Choices: Embracing 100% Cotton, Linens & Beautiful Blend Fabrics at Summer Reign

Hey beautiful mamas, today, I want to dive deep into something that’s super close to our hearts (and your comfort!)—why we choose to craft our clothing from 100% Cotton, Linens & Beautiful Blend Fabrics at Summer Reign

Cotton: The Comfort Queen

Let’s talk about cotton—nature’s soft hug! We all know the struggle of finding clothes that feel good while juggling all of the moments that come with motherhood. That’s why we've gone all in with cotton. Why? Because its breathability is a lifesaver! It keeps you cool when your little one turns up the heat and comfy during those rare quiet moments. Plus, cotton is so gentle on sensitive baby skin. It is perfect for when you are in the thick of postpartum with those dreaded postpartum sweats!

Cotton's hypoallergenic properties mean that it's less likely to cause any annoying skin irritations, making it ideal for your changing body. It’s a fabric that forgives and forgets, adapting to your day-to-day needs without losing its shape or appeal. In the world of motherhood, cotton stands out as a reliable companion, supporting you from pregnancy to nursing and beyond.

And, oh! The durability! Our cotton pieces can handle the repeated washing that’s all too familiar for us mamas (spit-up and surprise spills, anyone?), and they come out of the laundry just as beautiful and soft as ever. This means our dresses stick with you through the thick and thin of motherhood. Your motherhood staple that keeps you looking and feeling stylish!

Linen Blends: Elevating Everyday Elegance

Now, for a touch of elegance—our linen blends. These are for days when you want to feel a bit fancy but still crave that comfort. Linen adds a beautiful, breezy drape that elevates any look without sacrificing the functionality you need as a busy mama. It’s strong, naturally antibacterial (bye-bye, icky germs!), and so breathable, making it perfect for those warmer days or layering up when it’s chilly.

Although linen is a beautiful fabric on its own, blending it with other fabrics in fact elevates its qualities and properties. By blending linen with other fabrics, it improves the softness and wearability of the garments, it is less prone to creases and it is less costly for our customers.

What mums adore about our linen blends is how they manage to make you feel dressed up even if you’re just out and about with your little one or running to the grocery store. Its natural resistance to pilling and lint makes linen a low-maintenance but high-performance fabric. Plus, its moisture-wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable, no matter the weather or the chaos at home.

Each linen blend piece is thoughtfully designed to embrace the natural crinkles of linen, which means less time ironing and more time enjoying! This fabric embodies resilience and beauty, gracefully aging with you as it continues to soften with every wash.

Versatility Meets Style in Every Stitch

At Summer Reign, we believe that motherhood doesn't mean sacrificing your personal style. That's why our designs integrate the timeless beauty and practicality of cotton and linen to meet your fashion needs in every stage of motherhood. From the first days after your baby's arrival to long after the nursing period ends, our clothing adapts to your evolving lifestyle.

Our cotton clothing are crafted to offer both comfort and a chic silhouette, ensuring that you feel dressed up even on your busiest days. Whether it's a park playdate or you are back at work, our clothes keep you looking and feeling confident. Similarly, our linen blend pieces are perfect for those moments when you need a quick transition from daytime mum duties to evening date night. The effortless elegance of cotton linen blend paired with its incredible durability means our garments work hard while making you look effortless.

Moreover, our commitment to versatile design extends beyond fabric choice. We incorporate thoughtful features such as pockets, 2-way breastfeeding zips, length consideration (we know you are running after little ones!). These details ensure that our clothing not only looks great but also serves practical, everyday functions for mothers, nursing and beyond. By choosing versatile and adaptable styles, we help you maximise your wardrobe, reducing the need to purchase additional garments—a win for both your budget and the environment.

Fabrics to Skip: Making Conscious Choices

While we’re passionate about our cotton and linen, it’s also important to talk about the fabrics we choose to avoid. Synthetic fibers like Polyester, Acrylic, and 100% Rayon and Nylon are common in the fashion industry but come with significant environmental baggage. These materials are not only derived from crude oil, making them non-biodegradable, but they also shed microplastics that harm our planet with every wash.

Polyester, for example, is not just tough on the environment; it’s often treated with harmful dyes that affect both local ecosystems and the health of factory workers. Acrylic, while cozy for winter wear, involves chemicals that can cause health issues during production. 100% Rayon, whilst the fibre itself is biodegradable and non-toxic, making it popular in fast fashion, but it is extremely water, energy and chemical intensive. The demand for the plant-based material also increases the demand for, you guessed it, plants; worsening deforestation. And Nylon, popular in active and swimwear, is a resource hog that pollutes water and produces potent greenhouse gases.

We believe your postpartum clothing shouldn’t just make you feel good but should also respect the environment. That’s why we steer clear of these materials, opting instead for fabrics that you and the planet can feel good about. 


Ethically Made, Mama Approved

At Summer Reign, we’re not just about looking good; we're about feeling good and doing good, too. Our commitment to using high quality fabrics is also about making ethical choices. We choose fabrics that support sustainable farming and manufacturing practices, ensuring that our planet is cared for just as gently as we care for our little ones.

Each piece is crafted with love, ensuring high quality that lasts and styles that you’ll want to wear way beyond your breastfeeding days. And because we’re all about inclusivity, our designs cater to all sizes—from size 6 - 22. 

So, here’s to feeling fabulous in fabrics that love you back! Whether you’re a first-time mum or a seasoned pro, our clothing is designed to make you look and feel amazing—every step of the way. Thanks for choosing to support this dream of ours and for letting us be a part of your incredible journey.

Every purchase, share, and like helps us continue to support all mamas out there with clothes that aren’t just clothes—they’re a part of your journey.

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Megan x

Megan Eley